Yodeling is  hip !!!

Learn how to “Juchizer”, alp shouting and to yodel.

An entertaining yodel course that can take place from 15 min, 30 min to over an hour at your company, special event or home. You will learn breathing technics, yodel history and different yodel variations from the Yodel Queen Manuela Horn herself!!!

Together we will learn how to yodel and exult.


As a highlight everybody will get an official

“Yodel Diploma”

with a copy of a yodel song with the text to practice at home!!!

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Companies and Clubs


The yodel school is the new hip way to engage your employees, to let loose and find new ways to communicate. It is the ultimate ice breaking, group warm up and positive tone setting experiential learning .This course will motivate, rejuvenate and make your company bond in a new way.

A truly engaging team building experience with a big built in FUN factor!!!!




We guaranty that the yodel course will bring unforgettable memories to your wedding, birthday party, BBQ or just at your home!


Yodeling is Therapy


Yodeling brings happiness! This beautiful singing art form will always bring a smile on your face and others. It is literally not possible to yodel in a bad mood! Yodeling has many positive health benefits, that must be felt to be believed.


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